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23 Jun 2004
Welcome to my little homage to actor Damian Lewis

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Mr Lewis got his big break in the Spielberg / Hanks production of 'Band of Brothers', which tells the story of 'Easy Company', an elite company of Paratroopers in the 101st Airborne division of the US Military, who faced the front line on a regular basis during WWII.

To the surprise of many, the actor playing the lead role of Major Richard Winters, is in fact British. His enthralling performance has gained him many fans across the globe.

Kudos must go to the men of Easy Company for providing a story worth telling in the first place... we must never forget the many heros that fought for the free world we live in.

Mr Lewis has also featured in a British mini series called 'Hearts & Bones', and also a TV movie about British soldiers in Bosnia called 'Warriors'.

Two other major projects that Mr Lewis has appeared in include the ITV remake of 'The Forsyte Saga' which aired in Spring 2002, and the movie adaptation of Stephen King's 'Dreamcatcher', released in 2003.

Mr Lewis has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and a Golden Satellite Award, for his role as Major Winters, let's hope these are the first of many nominations, and hopefully many awards won.... see Career section for more details.

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