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Date last updated
23 Jun 2004
Archive and Articles
Marie Claire - UK Edition - April 2002.
370 pages, 2.90, issue 164. - Back issues phone (UK) 020-8503-0588 - Website www.marieclaire.co.uk

the Phwoar-syte saga
3 page article interviewing both Damian Lewis and Ioan Gruffudd. Interview took place during the filming of The Forsyte Saga, ie, late 2001. Various subjects mentioned, including romance and relationships.

Several pictures, including a few small ones at the beginning of the magazine.

Other content - Meg Ryan, Romantic Hair, 389 Weekend Fashion Ideas, etc, etc...

Esquire - UK Edition - March 2002.
Approx 200 pages, 3.40, volume 12 number 3. - Credit Card hotline (UK) 01858 438 844 - Website www.esquire.co.uk

A Drink With... Damian Lewis
2 page article interviewing Damian Lewis, took place during the filming of The Forsyte Saga. Mentions The Forsyte Saga, Band of Brothers, and table tennis...

One picture, full page, odd, but pretty cool.

Other content - Kevin Spacey, Ocean's 11, mens fashion, etc, etc...

Transcripts of the above articles (and dozens more) can be found at the Damian Lewis Group at Yahoo! Link on the Links page...
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