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23 Jun 2004
Background Information : most of the profile/bio and career information was obtained from the Internet Movie Database. Other information sources include the Damian Lewis Group at Yahoo!, and kindly 'fans' who advise me by email of any inaccuries they might spot.

Pictures : Most pictures have been obtained from the photo's section at the Damian Lewis Group at Yahoo!. Some have been scanned in from magazines by myself.

The background picture on the index page is from April 2002 UK Edition of Marie Claire, details of the magazine can be found in the Archive section.

Graphics/Montages : Background graphics, montages and any artwork, have all been produced by myself, please ask before using any on other websites. The 'raw' pictures used are from various sources as listed in 'pictures'.

All copyrights, etc, belong to those who own them. No infringements intended. This is purely a fan site, for the fans, by a fan, of Mr Lewis.

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