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Date last edited
24 Jun 2002

Welcome to SIRIUS, a web site devoted to one of my favourite actors...

I first noticed Mr Sweeney when he starred in 'Strange Luck'. When I eventually got connected to the internet I decided to do a little research, the results of which can be found here at Sirius. It's not vast, but the basics are covered. I have watched a number of the movies he's been in, and have a few of them on tape, and will gradually add more detail to the career section.

There's a page on his Profile, who he is, where he's from, how he got into acting etc., a page listing his TV and Film credits to date, some montages, and a page of links to related sites. I can't compete on information with the '1st DB Sweeney fan site', but the more sites devoted to him, the better...?

As part of my main site, Lizzie Lake's World, I have a postingboard. If you want to leave me, or other visitors to my site(s), a message then please do......

Lizzie Lake's World Postingboard

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This is purely a fan site, for the fans, by a fan, of DB Sweeney. This is an unofficial site. No copyright infringements intended.